ALLIANCE MTG SUMMARY 2-6-19Meeting was called to order at 9:30 am by Lori Vinikoor, Executive Vice President. After greeting the delegates, she called upon Palm Beach Sheriff Office District 4 Captain Rob Sandt.  The Captain extended thanks to all of the C.O.P.s who conscientiously protect their communities and areas.  He also noted a decline in burglaries.

Fire Rescue Chief Mike Amalong informed the delegates of the ’Socks for Seniors’ program, which provides safety socks for senior citizens to prevent falls.  He also spoke of the CARES Team.  They give emergency first aid, as well as attending to falls where there are no injuries.

Elected officials presenting updates included Senator Lori Berman, Representative Tina Polsky, Representative Slosberg, Commissioner Mary Lou Berger, and School Board Member Karen Brill.

Lori extended special thanks to Congresswoman Lois Frankel and her staff for the cleaning of the post office on W. Atlantic Avenue and Route 441.  The building will have the mold removed, new landscaping planted, and other enhancing projects. She then introduced Joshua Gerstin, Esq.

Mr. Gerstin educated the audience on the latest community association legislative changes for both COA’s and HOA’s.  Many of the rules concerning homeowner associations will now apply to condo associations. Some of the rules concerning Condominium Associations are:   Regarding fines, a frequent source of questions and interpretations, the Board has the authority to levy fines on violators, but the Grievance Committee can either accept or reject that determination.  The fine, if accepted by the Committee, is due within 5 days of that determination.  A web site that includes all information concerning the community is required by law.  Notice of meetings may be made by email, as long as notice is provided to those without email.  Term limits of 8 years are imposed upon condo board members.  Exception can be made if there are no prospective candidates for the position.  Hard copies of everything, including contracts, bids, minutes, budgets, et al must be available and be produced upon written request within 10 days.

Home Owner Association members must have violation fines paid within 5 days of the meeting at which the fines are approved.  Unless the fines are paid in full, the collected fees must be assigned first to the attorney and then to the late fee charge, rather than to the actual fine. HOA directors may use email, but may not vote by email.

Mr. Gerstin discussed sober homes in HOAs and COAs.  Sober homes were established as a part of the Fair Housing Act. The special accommodation negates the rules of associations, but cannot be regulated or prohibited. However, if the sober home residents become ‘nuisances’, the community may be able to take nuisance options.

Following many questions from the delegates and guests, the meeting was adjourned at 10:30.

The next meeting of the Alliance of Delray will take place on January 3, 2019 and will include presentations from the PBSO and the Solid Waste Authority.

Carol Klausner, Director