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President Bob Schulbaum called the meeting to order at 9:30 am, at which time he welcomed both delegates and guests. Captain Rob Sandt of the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office was pleased to announce that vehicle crimes were down. He attributed this to more vehicles being locked when not in use and fewer items being left in cars. He again warned the audience to be very careful of and alert to scams which prey upon older people. He urged people to be very careful of the Linton Blvd. and Jog Rd. intersection which has become very dangerous due to speeding, jay walking, ignoring the traffic lights and other behaviors.
Fire Rescue representative Steen Eriksson urged replacing smoke detectors twice a year, preferably when the clocks have to be reset. He also mentioned that smoke detectors with a ten year life span be used so as to eliminate the need for replacing batteries. He suggested that people begin to prepare for the hurricane season now.
Lesley Shriberg of the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office proudly announced that Sheriff Rick Bradshaw testified before the U.S. Senate regarding the Behavioral Services Unit.
Executive Vice President Lori Vinikoor of the Alliance reported that Delray Medical Center was selected as one of the top 50 hospitals in the United States and number 1 in Florida. She also announced that the land being cleared on Atlantic Avenue just east of the Turnpike is designated to be used sometime in the future as a civic site. Both shopping centers, the Wawa site on Rt. 441 and Atlantic Avenue and the Joseph’s Market center on Lyons Road will be opening in May and/or June of this year. Thanks to the support of both the Alliance and Rep. Lois Frankel the Post Office on W. Atlantic Avenue has be totally cleaned of mold and mildew and vegetation has been trimmed back.
County Commissioner Robert Weinroth urged people using ride sharing to be very cautious when entering the vehicle, making sure that it is indeed an authorized vehicle and driver from the company that you called. Anyone wishing to participate in the census which is coming in 2020 should apply now. It is important that all of the people in Palm Beach County be counted, since the project may well give us an additional 2 congressional seats. Working on the census is a paying position.
County Commissioner Mary Lou Berger told the audience that on Palm Beach County Day many local issues were addressed, including the proposition that Home Rule must not be diluted by the state.
Representatives from the Florida Dept. of Transportation (Fl. DOT) were present to discuss Atlantic Avenue design and timeline updates. Teresa Price, PE addressed the widening of the Turnpike interchanges at Glades Road and W. Atlantic Avenue. She outlined the phases that must be considered before any physical changes are done: Planning, Feasibility, Developmental and Environmental Issues, Concepts, Public Hearings, Design and Acquisition of Property. The Turnpike is planned for widening from the current six lanes to ten lanes, including express lanes from the Sawgrass Expressway to Boynton Beach Boulevard.
Thuc Le, PE discussed the widening of W. Atlantic Avenue from Lyons Road to Rt. 441. The road will be increased from its current two lanes to four lanes with the potential for an eventual six lanes. This portion of roadway will include sidewalks and a bike lane. Public input will be sought around August of 2020 and construction will hopefully begin in Fiscal Year 2022 (Fiscal Year 2022 for the Fl. DOT starts in July 2021 to June 2022).
Alexander Estrada, PE told of future plans for the widening of W. Atlantic Avenue from Jog Road to Lyons Road, with the anticipated completion date in Fiscal Year 2027 (Fiscal Year 2027 for the Fl. DOT starts in July 2026 to June 2027).
After a lengthy question and answer session with the delegates the meeting was adjourned at 11 am.
The next meeting will be on May 1, 2019, addressing the topic “Conserving and Protecting Our Soil & Water”.

Submitted by Carol Klausner, Director


The meeting was called to order at 9:30 am by President Bob Schulbaum. Following announcements Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office Captain Rob Sandt again reminded the community delegates about the necessity of keeping their car doors locked. It is also important that in addition to locking the cars no valuables are in sight. Captain Sandt then spoke about the scams visited upon senior citizens. He emphasized that when visiting medical offices, one should leave all valuables at home. Incidents have been reported that indicate that not all staffs are honest. In addition, greater consideration to vetting home health care personnel and thus avoid problems.
Fire Rescue Chief Kim Hude detailed her department’s efforts to rescue pets during a fire. She suggested that notice of a pet in the home should be posted in a prominent place.
Mention was made for the need for people to assist in the 2020 census count.
There were no additional candidates for the Alliance Board of Directors. Those elected by acclamation were Norma Arnold, Debbie Borenstein, Arnold Katz, Carol Klausner, Bob Schulbaum, and Evelyn Spielholtz.
Board member John Gentithes discussed the proposal of lowering the lake levels to 10.5’. Since this will negatively impact Alliance communities in Delray Beach and other southern Palm Beach County residents the Alliance is working to insure the levels will not be lowered to more than 12.5’. Levels lower than 12.5’ would have a severe negative impact on the quality and supply of our water. Flora and fauna in the lake areas could become imbalanced as well. The Lake Worth Drainage District is in agreement with the Alliance.
Chairman of the Board of Old School Square in Delray Beach Felice Johnson introduced the Artistic Director Matthew Farmer. Matthew gave some of the history of the area. The Cornell Building was originally (in 1913) an elementary school and the Crest Theater was both an elementary and high school. It was named a historical site by the Historical Society, thus saving the property from destruction. The site now serves as a cultural arts center, providing art, music and entertainment events for the community. Matthew gave a sample of the offerings of Old School Square by showing film clips and then singing some selections.
The meeting was adjourned at 10:30 am. The next meeting will be held on April 3, 2019 at the South County Civic Center. The topic will be “Atlantic Avenue Design & Timeline Updates” including Interchange/Widening & East/West Thoroughfare. The Florida Department of Transportation will be providing the presentation.
Submitted by Carol Klausner, Director


The meeting of delegates and guests was called to order at 9:30 am by President Bob Schulbaum.
Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office Captain Sandt told the assembly that the Sheriff’s Office had a very busy holiday season. He was, however, proud that crime statistics were down from prior years. Captain Sandt urged everyone in the audience to get locks for their tires and rims, since there seemed to be more thefts of these items.
Commissioner Mary Lou Berger addressed the audience followed by Commissioner Robert Weinroth, representing District 4, who announced that the newly appointed Election Supervisor would be getting new equipment. Part of that equipment would include a voter signature ID. In addition, caregivers of voters would be given an ID card.
Karen Brill, Palm Beach County School Board Member, informed the group that the controversial Common Core curriculum was being abolished. A new set of norms was being established that would require less ’teaching to the test’ and more flexibility in meeting academic requirements. In commemoration of the February 14, 2018 tragic mass shooting at MSD High School students will observe Seventeen Days of Kindness.
Lori Vinikoor, Executive Vice President, was proud to announce that the Wellness Screening Expo, held in conjunction with Delray Medical Center, was a great success. Additionally, a cancer care center is being established at Delray Medical Center with the arrival of a revolutionary new cancer treatment machine. A Nostalgic Expo will be held at the South County Civic Center on Thursday, February 21 between 9 AM and 1 pm. The proposed development project at the corner of Atlantic Avenue and Hagen Ranch Road (Terra Nova) has been postponed for several months. As more information becomes available, the Alliance will distribute it through the e mail network.
Dorothy Jacks, Palm Beach County Property Appraiser, was the first guest speaker. Ms. Jacks explained that her office is a Constitutional Office, that is, she elected by the voters, not appointed by the Commission, making that office non-political. Her office manages the lists of who owns what and the accurate location of the property. The properties include residential, commercial and land. New building produces additional revenue for the county. There are 70,000 transactions in PBC annually, and the county is growing. Also growing are new hotels, Airbnb’s and storage facilities. She explained the homestead exemption. Owner(s) must reside in their property at least 6 months a year. There are additional exemptions that may apply: surviving spouse, disability, veteran disabled by military service, income limitation and other qualifications. She introduced Mike Pratt, her assistant, who would be available to answer any related questions.
Anne Gannon, Tax Collector, was introduced by Lori Vinikoor. The tax collector is charged with the collection and distribution of the property taxes. She answers only to the property owners of Palm Beach County. Last year her office billed $3.7 billion, with Florida Power & Light the largest taxpayer. The ‘bed tax’ collection is a challenge. Private owners who rent their properties and Airbnb’s try to avoid paying their required taxes. She also explained the difference between paying taxes in one lump sum or paying quarterly. Following her presentation Ms. Gannon took questions from the audience.
The next meeting will take place on March 6, 2019. Meeting was adjourned at 10:30.

Submitted by Carol Klausner, Director


Bob Schulbaum, President of the Alliance of Delray called together the meeting of the delegates at 9:30 am.  Executive Vice President Lori Vinikoor announced several upcoming events.  She then informed the group of the positive impacts that the Alliance has recently made upon the area.  Although only in the planning stages, after serious discussions with a developer he has declined to build a gas station and convenience store at the corner of W. Atlantic Avenue and the Turnpike.  (In front of Waterways).  Also, although long in the planning stage, the Alliance was able to reduce the size of a mixed use (commercial and residential) project at the corner of W. Atlantic Avenue and Hagen Ranch Road.

Our State Representative, Emily Slosberg, informed the assemblage that she is sponsoring two bills in the Florida Legislature:  1) A bill to restrict target practice in residential areas and 2) A bill to prohibit texting and using a hand-held cell phone while driving.

Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office William Parks discussed the benefits of having a COPs program in individual communities.  The Sheriff’s office oversees over 80 communities and provides knowledge and assistance.  The COPs in Palm Beach County boasts over 1500 volunteers and as a paramilitary organization is a proven crime deterrent.

PBSO Sergeant David Conklin’s topic was graffiti eradication.  Creating graffiti is a misdemeanor, unless it espouses racism, antisemitism or similar hate sentiments or glorifies anti police, pro ISIS, jihad sentiments.  It is then a felony.

Detective Jeff Friedman spoke about environmental crimes.  His department investigates illegal dumping.  Examples include yard trash, construction debris, hazardous materials and tires. He provided information about how many of these offenders were caught.

Mariana Feldpausch from the Solid Waste Authority (SWA) explained that Palm Beach County SWA will be automated.  Customers will be provided with a 48, 65, or 95 gallon garbage container (cart).  The size of the container will be determined by the individual association communities.  All garbage must be placed inside the container to be collected twice weekly.  Since the collection will be automated, no plastic bags that are not in the container will be collected.  Bulk service will be provided one day per week, 3 item maximum.  Construction debris limited to 2 cubic yards per week will be collected on the bulk collection day.  Tree branches and palm fronds should be neatly stacked in a pile not to exceed 6 cubic yards.  Other vegetation such as leaves, tree and hedge trimmings and small dead plants should be contained in a garbage can, paper lawn or plastic bag, not to exceed 50 pounds. Use of the new, automated collection system will begin on October 1, 2019.  More information can be obtained at the website or contact Customer Service at (561) 697-2700.

Meeting was adjourned at 11:00 am.  The next meeting of the Alliance will take place on February 6, 2019.  Dorothy Jacks, Palm Beach County Property Appraiser and Anne Gannon, Constitutional Tax Collector will be speaking providing updates on office services and exemption and assessment trends.

                                                                               Respectfully submitted,

                                                                            Carol Klausner, Director


Meeting was called to order at 9:30 am by Lori Vinikoor, Executive Vice President. After greeting the delegates, she called upon Palm Beach Sheriff Office District 4 Captain Rob Sandt. The Captain extended thanks to all of theC.O.P.s who conscientiously protect their communities and areas. He also noted a decline in burglaries.

Fire Rescue Chief Mike Amalong informed the delegates of the ’Socks for Seniors’ program, which provides safety socks for senior citizens to prevent falls. He also spoke of the CARES Team. They give emotional first aid, as well as attending to falls where there are no injuries.  website:

Elected officials presenting updates included Senator Lori Berman, Representative Tina Polsky, Representative Slosberg, Commissioner Mary Lou Berger, and School Board Member Karen Brill.

Lori extended special thanks to Congresswoman Lois Frankel and her staff for the cleaning of the post office on W. Atlantic Avenue and Route 441. The building will have the mold removed, new landscaping planted, and other enhancing projects. She then introduced Joshua Gerstin, Esq.

Mr. Gerstin educated the audience on thelatest community association legislative changes for both COA’s and HOA’s. Many of the rules concerning homeowner associations will now apply to condo associations. Some of the rules concerning Condominium Associations are: Regarding fines, a frequent source of questions and interpretations, the Board has the authority to levy fines on violators, but the Grievance Committee can either accept or reject that determination. The fine, if accepted by the Committee, is due within 5 days of that determination. A web site that includesall information concerning the community is required by law. Notice of meetings may be made by email, as long as notice is provided to those without email. Term limits of 8 years are imposed upon condoboard members. Exception can be made if there are no prospective candidates for the position. Hard copies of everything, including contracts, bids, minutes, budgets, et al must be available and be produced upon written request within 10 days.

Home Owner Association members must have violation fines paid within 5 daysof the meeting at which the fines are approved. Unless the fines are paid in full, the collected fees must be assigned first to the attorney and then to the late fee charge, rather than to the actual fine. HOA directors may use email, but may not vote by email.

Mr. Gerstin discussed sober homes inHOAs and COAs. Sober homes were established as a part of the Fair Housing Act. The special accommodation negates the rules of associations, but cannot be regulated or prohibited. However, if the sober home residents become ‘nuisances’, the community may be able to take nuisance options.

Following many questions from the delegates and guests, the meeting was adjourned at 10:30.

The next meeting of the Alliance of Delray will take place on Wednesday January 2, 2019 and will include presentations from the PBSO and the Solid Waste Authority.

Carol Klausner, Director


President Bob Schulbaum called the meeting to order at 9:30 AM, at which time Vice President Arnie Katz introduced the guests attending.

Captain Rob Sandt of the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office expressed the Department’s thanks to all the poll workers.  He also thanked the members of the Alliance for their continued support for the Office.   He told of a recent day in which there were three car burglaries and one car theft, all from the same community.  Two suspects have been identified and their arrests are expected to be forthcoming soon.  He implored citizens to lock their vehicles.  In addition, Captain Sandt reported a decrease in home, auto and commercial thefts.  The alleged perpetrators of the recent spate of thefts at the local Dollar Tree have been apprehended.

Tony Keeler of Palm Beach County Fire Rescue thanked the members of the Alliance for their vigilance and support.

State Representative Emily Slosberg informed the assembly of a new law for condominium associations.  The law limits the terms of condo board members to eight consecutive years.  The exceptions for the limits are 1) if 2/3 of the voters approve extending the limit or 2) if there are no other volunteers for the position. Rep. Slosberg announced a community meeting on December 15 at 32:15 at Anshei Shalom to provide information concerning security issues.

Karen Brill, Palm Beach County School Board Member, thanked the membership for their support in voting for additional tax money to improve the schools.

Nick Uhren, Executive Director of the Transportation Planning Agency explained how state and federal tax monies are used to plan, prioritize, and fund transportation projects, the goal of which is to provide a safe, efficient, connected and multimodal system for vehicles, bicycles, and pedestrians.  The current focus is a series of widening W. Atlantic Avenue sections between Jog Road and Route 441.  Also included is more lanes providing access to the Turnpike.  This will be done in sections and take several years to complete.

David Ricks is the County Engineer. He explained how monies from the county will fund road resurfacing on county roads.  In addition, both Hagen Ranch Road and Clint Moore Road will be widened.  Lyons Road is scheduled to be widened and an extra right turn lane will be added at Atlantic Avenue.

Following these presentations both Mr. Uhren and Mr. Ricks answered many pertinent questions posed by the delegates.

Executive Vice President Lori Vinikoor announced that the Alliance is sponsoring a Board Certification course on November 8.  All homeowner and condominium Board members must be certified to serve.

Next meeting will be on December 5, 2018 at 9:30 AM.  The public is invited.

Meeting was adjourned at 10:45 AM.

Carol Klausner, Director

Meeting Summary Oct. 3, 2018

President Bob Schulbaum opened the meeting at 9:30 am. He introduced Captain Sandt of the Palm Beach County Sherriff’s Office. Captain Sandt advised the delegates and guests that crime statistics for the area are down. However, there have bee 52 stolen vehicles since January, and more than 30 had the keys or fobs left in the cars. Additionally, there have been 115 car burglaries in Delray Beach, with 81 of those cars having been left unlocked. Captain Sandt strongly recommended locking vehicles and removing the keys.

Palm Beach County Fire Rescue Representative Tony Keeler reported that hurricane preparation in the area was good. He did caution that a number of fires have been caused by faulty heating blankets and lack of surge protectors in electrical outlets.

Executive Vice President Lori Vinikoor informed the group of the success that the Alliance had in maintaining twice weekly trash pickup in West Delray Beach. She noted that phone calls are being made to residents to determine the size trash containers to be provided. Since different households would require different sizes the Alliance will pursue a solution to a one-size-fits-all dilemma.

She then introduced Todd Bonlarron, Assistant County Administrator, to explain the pros and cons of each of the proposed Florida Constitution amendments that must be voted on. He noted that in order to be approved, the 12 proposals (number 8 has been removed from the ballot) need a supermajority, that is, a 60% + 1 vote in favor for inclusion in the Constitution. He then answered questions that had been submitted by the delegates.

Karen Brill and Erica Whitfield, both members of the Palm Beach County Board of Education, were introduced and encouraged a ‘yes’ vote on the referendum to levy a one mill tax in order to provide additional school safety, counsellors, and to continue to fund physical education, art, music, and career choice programs as well as to improve teachers’ salaries. It was shown that this did not add a significant increase in the taxes that are assessed at the present time.

The next meeting of the Alliance will be held on November 7, 2018. The timeline for the expansion of Atlantic Avenue will be the topic. Transportation Planning Agency Director Nick Uhren and Palm Beach County Director of Engineering David Ricks will be the speakers.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:45.

Carol Klausner, Director


September 5, 2018

The meeting was called to order by President Bob Schulbaum at 9:30 am. He introduced the guests present, including Captain Sandt of the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office and Tony Keeler of Palm Beach County Fire Rescue. Captain Sandt stressed importance of observing posted speed limits as the snowbirds return. He also urged everyone to securetheir valuables to reduce theft.

The audience was pleased to acknowledge that the Alliance had brought hundreds of letters to the Palm Beach County Commissioners opposing the plan to reduce garbage collection to once a week. Bob and Lori Vinikoor, Alliance Executive Vice President, also spoke, urging the Commissioners to reconsider. The result was that the Commissioners agreed to continue a twice weekly schedule for collection, as well as not reducing the limit on vegetation pick-up.

Lori Vinikoor discussed the widening of Atlantic Avenue and the successful attempts by the Alliance to shorten the waiting period until this was done. She advised the audience of the part‘concurrency’ played in the scheduling. That is, the cooperation between builders paying for a proportionate share of the improvement and the local, county and/or state government agency’s contribution.

A guestspeaker was Grace Nelson, wife of Senator Bill Nelson. Mrs. Nelson urged a bipartisan approach to government. Mrs. Nelson presented individual pictures to Lori and Bob portraying people of different religious, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds.

Susan Bucher, Supervisor of Elections in Palm Beach County, was the keynote speaker. She gave a detailed explanation of the projected November ballot and a brief synopsis of the fourteen ballot items involved. She strongly encouraged voting early.

The October meeting will bring Todd Bonlarron, one of our PBC Administrators to explain the November Ballot Amendments.

The Alliance’s COA/HOA Board Certification Course is scheduled for Thursday November 8, 2018 from 9 AM to Noon. Message Lori Vinikoor at 561-715-1530 or e mail at

The meeting was adjourned at 10:30 AM


President Bob Schulbaum opened the meeting at 9:40 am to a largeaudience. He first introduced Major Jeff Calise of the PBC Sheriffs Office. Major Calise is retiring and expressed his thanks to the Alliance for their continued support. His replacement, Chris Kean,will become the new Major. Major Sean Eastman has been reassigned to a Boynton Beach district. As he bid a ‘goodbye’ he informed the assembly that vehicle crime has remained low but steady, mainly due to unlocked cars. However, this month therewere no stolen vehicles. Residential burglaries remained the same as previously.

Fire Chief Kim Hude explained that the department would be participating in a large exercise in response to mass violence and/or emergencies. Also, she welcomed invitations by both Condo and Homeowners’ Associations to allow the departmentto come into their communities and teach the residents CPR.

Representative Emily Slosberg announced that on June 11 an EmergencyRound Table will be held at the South County Civic Center. On May 17 an Open House will be held for State Senator Lori Berman. Although all committees and the Florida House of Representatives were in favor of Rep. Slosberg’s No Textingbill, it failed to get the needed votes in the Senate. She will attempt to get it passed in the nextlegislative session.

Lori Vinikoor, Executive Vice President, introduced Alvaro Flores, Special Agent for Homeland Security Investigations. Mr. Flores discussed the many facets of Homeland Security, including but not limited to crimes against children, international travel, and weapon smuggling. Much of his presentation centered upon cyber crime and security. He offered many tips to protect users’ privacy, including using strong passwords, not opening attachments from unknown senders, keeping devices updated, and using discretion when posting.

The next speaker was Joshua Gerstin, Esq. Mr. Gerstin presented a power point guideconcerning drones. He explained thatdrones are here to stay…in fact, becoming a normal part of everyday life. They can be aerial or grounded. They can be operated by commercial pilots, hobbyists, or government employees. Allmust be certificated or registered, depending upon status. Although only the state and federal government can make laws regulating drones, individual homeowner associations may amend their documents to make reasonable accommodations, i.e., areas set up and secured for deliveries, restrict hours for delivery, and use of drones for help in property management. Also, thedocuments should contain a limitation of liability of the Association. Condo Associations may or may not be set up for drone delivery.

Meeting was adjourned at 11:00 am.

Respectfully submitted,

Carol Klausner, Director

 Meeting Summary for April 4, 2018

Meeting Summary for April 4, 2018

Lori Vinikoor, Executive Vice President

President Bob Schulbaum began the meeting by leading the Pledge of Allegiance followed by acknowledging Harold Kleiner, founding Board member of the Alliance who passed on last week. Vice President Arnie Katz announced distinguished guests followed by Captain Shawn Eastman of the PBSO who provided a report on the District. Captain Eastman repeated his warning from last month that keeping key fobs in vehicles is a danger; remove them and take them into you house. PBSO recently arrested 3 juveniles linked to 46 stolen vehicles in Palm Beach County. The youngest of the three juveniles was born in 2000. Vehicle burglaries present another problem and of the last few burglaries several included stealing a gun which was not securely locked within the car in a locked box.

Fire Rescue representative: Stay hydrated; the temperature will be rising soon. Purchase your hurricane supplies early and you can speak to Tony Keeler, HOA Liaison to sign up for courses in CPR. Also there is a “Stop the Bleed” campaign for people on blood thinners to learn how to handle a situation with bleeding. There is literature to place on your keychain and garage door so it will be a reminder to shut off your car so Tony can provide that as well; the Alliance will request that he provide this at a future meeting. Also, when the carbon monoxide alarm goes off in your house, call 911 and leave the house immediately for fresh air.

Rep. Berman discussed the last session, which was extended by two days to pass the budget. Issues addressed in the last session included the “me too” sexual harassment movement, hurricane Irma issues, generators for nursing homes which will now be required, and the Marjorie Stoneman Douglas Act which contains gun control provisions and additional methods for hardening schools, 60 million dollars for mental health, and a ban on bump stocks. Also, it includes a three day waiting period to purchase guns, raises the age to purchase assault rifles from 18 to 21 and allows a law enforcement officer to go to court and remove guns from someone who presents a danger.

Commissioner Mary Lou Berger discussed the Morikami’s award from the Cultural Council of Palm Beach County.

Karen Brill, the District’s School Board representative informed the audience that the County sent a letter to the Governor informing him that only authorized law enforcement officials will be able to carry firearms on school campuses. Eagle Arts Academy may close down shortly and the School Board is looking to find school placement for the hundreds of students and teachers who may be displaced.

Executive Vice President Lori Vinikoor announced that the June Breakfast will be held on Friday June 1, 2018 so “save the date.” Also, read the Alliance newsletter that contains material which is pertinent to development and activities in the south Palm Beach County area..

Clerk and Comptroller Sharon Bock began the formal program explaining that she functions in three roles: she is the Clerk of the Circuit Court, Official Registrar, and County Comptroller. She creates a level playing field for the public because she is a constitutional officer elected by the people. Clerk Bock indicated that fraud is prevalent today and we are standing at ground zero in the United States for the oldest senior population, a vulnerable group. Since 2010, Clerk Bock created the first and only guardianship fraud program in the world. In the first month the hotline received calls from Canada and almost all 50 states. The program has been adopted by several states already and the World Congress on Guardianship voted the Palm Beach County program the most effective guardianship monitoring program in the world. The Guardianship system protects incapacitated people/people who cannot make decisions, however it is also used as a tool to control and exploit incapacitated people. The process includes the Court appointing the guardian after determining (adjudicating) the individual as incapacitated. In Palm Beach County there are 3000 to 5000 adults and children under guardianship and there is One Billion dollars in guardianship assets that are at risk for exploitation. The Clerk’s role in guardianship provides independent check and balance, levels the playing field, increases professionalism, ensures integrity, and deters fraud. There have been 1,852 cases audited/investigated, 720 hotline reports received, 6.4 million dollars identified, and 64 cases referred to law enforcement and adult protective services. The number to call if you suspect fraud is 1-561-355-FRAUD and the website is . Anthony Palmieri is the Deputy Inspector General & Chief Guardianship Investigator under the Division of Inspector General which is contained under the office of the Clerk and Comptroller. His phone number is (561)355-6782.

The following speaker was Henry Handler, Esq. of Weiss, Handler, and Cornwell, PA. who spoke on managing corporate ownership in COA’s and HOA’s. Because of the state of foreclosures, COA’s and HOA’s are seeing more corporations owning units in their communities. Reasons for more corporate ownership include banks and institutions collecting their bad debts as a package and selling properties to corporations. Also, there are very popular and prominent sales pitches on the internet promoting corporate ownership and its benefits such as shielding from personal liability when investing in properties. Tension is growing between the people wanting to sell their properties/units to who they want to (including corporate entities) and the Associations working to properly manage and maintain their communities and common elements in a consistent manner and collect dues and assessments.

Associations do have the ability to manage through Florida Statute 718 for Condos and 720 for HOA’s and are empowered to pass rules and regulations and amendments to the declaration of condominium or restrictive covenants when necessary. Citing case law, Mr. Handler explained that Associations can restrict the leasing of units by corporations or any other unit owner. Limitations include the number of times a unit can be rented and the duration of the rental. Associations can regulate and manage corporate ownership within communities without discriminating against the corporate owners. The offices of Weiss, Handler & Cornwell are located at 2255 Glades Road in Boca Raton.

The next meeting of the Alliance of Delray will take place on May 2, 2018. The United States Department of Homeland Security will be discussing Cyber Security and Attorney Joshua Gerstin will be presenting “The Drone Issue” for communities.

Meeting Summary March 7, 2018

Meeting Summary March 7, 2018

Contact: Executive Vice President Lori Vinikoor

President Bob Schulbaum opened the meeting leading the Pledge of Allegiance and a moment of silence for the students involved in the Parkland shooting. Director Arnie Katz announced distinguished guests. Fire Chief Kim Hude provided an update and encouraged everyone to attend the St Patrick’s Day parade and festivities which will take place in Delray Beach on March 17, 2018. PBSO District 4 Lt. Laurie Pfeil provided a report and warned of keeping your vehicles safe even in gated communities by locking your vehicles and not leaving your key fob in your vehicle. Commissioner Dave Kerner and School Board Member Karen Brill both addressed the issues of gun control and keeping our children and families safe. Ms. Brill also indicated that today a new School Superintendent would be appointed.

President Schulbaum announced that the following Board members have been re-elected to the Alliance Board this year: Bob Schulbaum Lori Vinikoor, Norma Arnold, Arnie Katz, and Phyllis Levine. The BIG ALLIANCE NOSTALGIC EXPO will take place on Wednesday March 28, 2018 at the South County Civic Center from 9 AM to 2 PM. There will be all sorts of exhibiters displaying cultural, educational, health & wellness, travel, financial, and culinary items and ideas. There will be a classic VW photo booth, art exhibit, and classic movie on the big screen. Popcorn and other delicious treats will make this a memorable day. Come on out and enjoy!

Executive VP Lori Vinikoor provided an update on development including the proposed car wash on Jog Road, the expansion of Lyons Road and Atlantic Avenue, and the site plans of the Wawa at Atlantic & 441 and the Joseph’s Classic Market at Lyons and Atlantic All of the information is distributed by e mail and is located on the Alliance website Exec. VP Vinikoor introduced the speakers which included a guest-spot by State Attorney Dave Aronberg who explained the Grand Jury that he is convening which will investigate school safety protocols, report back and make recommendations which may turn into state law or even inspire national law.

Property Appraiser Dorothy Jacks was the first scheduled speaker. She spoke on all of the Tax Exemptions available to property owners. Included are HomesteadExemptionSenior CitizensExemptionDisabilityExemptionVeterans ExemptionNonprofit & Religious Organization Exemption. For details on all of the exemptions go to and click on any one of the titles under the “Property Exemption” heading which appears on the home page. Be aware that there are many different types of veterans exemptions so for a full explanation, read the website or call the exemption office at 561-355-2866.

Senator Maria Sachs (Fl Senator 2010-2015) who is also Executive Director of Innovation Florida concluded the meeting by speaking about additional savings available for Associations and property owners through the use of sources of renewable energy such as solar powered water heaters, energy efficient windows, selling of recyclables, composting for fertilization of golf courses and landscaping. An “Energy Audit” can also be requested free of charge from FP&L. The number to call is 1-800-DIAL-FPL or 1-800-342-5375.

The meeting concluded with an announcement of next month’s meeting which will take place on April 4, 2018 where PBC Clerk & Comptroller Sharon Bock will be speaking on Guardianship & Fraud and Attorney Henry Handler of Weiss & Handler will be speaking on corporate ownership of condominium units and fee simple homes. Doors open 9 AM at the Sounty County Civic Center. Meeting begins at 9:30 AM. The public is welcome.

Meeting Summary February 7, 2018

February 7, 2018

Captain Shawn Eastman of the Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office announced that the number of stolen vehicle thefts are down. Several arrests were made. All of the stolen vehicles had the keys and/or fobs left inside the cars. Many thefts were from garages with the doors left open. The number of traffic stops in the past month was 204.

Major Jeff Calise spoke of the new license plate readers provided by a company called Vigilant Solutions are on a trial basis in Lake Worth. These commercial data cameras have proved invaluable in tracking suspects and helping to solve crimes.

Announcement was made of the retirement of Major Calise.

Fire Chief Doug McGlynn & Chief Mackey stressed the need for community involvement.

Alliance Executive Vice President Lori Vinikoor told the assembly of the need for managed growth in the Ag Reserve. The Alliance Membership is generally opposed to the proposal to allow storage of landscaping equipment (tools, chemicals, vehicles, etc.) on Preserve Parcels.

Ron Rice, Ph.D., of the Palm Beach County Extension Department, was the main speaker. He is Director of the PBC Everglades Agricultural Extension. Dr. Rice educated the audience about the importance of water management. He told of the passage of water over time from Lake Okeechobee south into the Everglades. The soil of the Everglades is different from the soil we are familiar with. It is produced from aquatic plants, making the soil organic. It took 4000 years to form the Everglade’s soil of today.

Dr. Rice presented a history of Florida and its land reclamation and use. Much of the land required drainage systems. Once drainage was used, railroads were built and that in turn encouraged tourists to come. Many of those tourists remained to become Florida farmers, settlers, and merchants. In 1948 the Agricultural Reserve was created. The South Florida Flood Control District was established between 1961-63. Sugar accounts for 80% of Florida’s agricultural crops, however the winter crops are primarily vegetables and the major summer crop is rice.

The next speaker was Cody Beard, Manager of Precision Agriculture for Florida Crystals. Mr. Beard told the audience that the Everglades Agricultural Area (EAA) is one of the best farming communities in the world. Using Precision Agriculture farming the use of fertilizers, chemicals, and manpower is minimized while maximizing production. The technology for Precision Agriculture relies on three components: 1) A network for satellite communication in which data is collected regarding all aspects of land areas, 2) Analyzing that data as it related to crop production or lack thereof, and 3) Giving the above information to the farmers which results in an increase in overall efficiency.

The next meeting of the Alliance of Delray will be held on March 7, 2018 at the South County Civic Center. Doors open at 9:00am when refreshments are served. Meetings begin at 9:30. The public is invited and welcome.

Respectfully submitted,

Carol Klausner, Director

Meeting Summary JANUARY 3, 2018


Alliance President Bob Schulbaum opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance. After the announcement of dignitaries and guests, the following reports were presented. Palm Beach County Fire Rescue Chief Kimberly Hude of Battalion 4 reported on the various situations that arose during the past month. She told of the fire at Kings Point, pleased to announce that there were no injuries. Additional training will begin soon to reinforce and maximize the abilities of the firefighters and EMTs.

Palm Beach Sheriff Office’s Captain Shawn Eastman announced that this past December saw less home thefts and break-ins than in the past. However, vehicle thefts are rising. There were 16 stolen vehicles, all from gated communities, that were stolen in December. All had keys or car fobs left inside. The Sheriff’s office is putting an action plan in place. Captain Eastman offered to speak to any Homeowner or Condo Associations and present tips and facts on crime prevention.

State Representative Lori Berman informed the audience that the Florida Congress will be in session in Tallahassee from January 9 until March 9. She predicted a steep increase in the budget, which is currently being worked on. The bill from Representative Emily Slosberg is receiving much positive attention from the Florida Congress. This bill provides to make texting while driving a primary offense.

Rebecca Della Rosa, Legal Affairs Director, told of the four major offensives that her department is focused on: Affordable housing and homelessness, the opioid epidemic, Hurricane Irma’s aftereffects, and transportation and road management.

Alliance of Delray’s Executive Vice President Lori Vinikoor announced that the Alliance is fighting to keep Level 1 Trauma Centers in Palm Beach County. The annual Wellness Screening Expo will be held on February 3 this year at the South County Civic Center. Physicians will be there to answer questions. The Alliance is working to try to accelerate the widening of Atlantic Avenue.

The main speaker, State Attorney Dave Aronberg was introduced. He spoke about elder abuse, their exploitation and fraud committed upon them. In Palm Beach County the largest group of victims are 85 years old and older because they are seen as vulnerable. His department handles between 70 – 100 cases at any one time. They are victims of such crimes as grand theft, exploitation, and domestic abuse and violence. Often the victims are reluctant to prosecute.

Assistant District Attorney Karen Murillo cited examples of fraud, theft, exploitation and abuse. Some examples are investment fraud, telemarketing schemes, construction fraud, and dishonest caregivers. If prosecuted, the conviction rate of the perpetrators is 90%. Some avenues of protection include seeing licenses, refusing to give information, building a social network, and being cautious when asked to send money. “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.”

Herb Rein, a volunteer in the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office Fraud Squad offered advice that no one give outside persons access to home computers. He also suggested making copies of your social security card, excluding the last four numbers and provide the last four digits verbally to any medical office or hospital. The Volunteers Against Scams Team is available to give presentations.

The next meeting of the Alliance of Delray is Wednesday, February 7, 018 at the South County Civic Center. Doors open at 9am when refreshments are served. The meetings begin at 9:30. The public is welcome to attend.

Meeting was adjourned at 10:45 AM

Carol Klausner, Director