MEETING SUMMARY, November 1, 2017

MEETING SUMMARY, November 1, 2017

Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office Captain Shawn Eastman told us crime has gone down recently except for burglaries to vehicles. Unlocked cars have had visible I pads, phones and laptops stolen. The Captain also told us that there will be additional coverage in shopping areas on Black Friday.

Palm Beach County Commissioner Mary Lou Berger swore in Kimberly Hude as Battalion 4 District Fire/Rescue Chief.

Representative Lori Berman made us aware that this year’s budget will be tight due to expenses caused by Hurricane Irma. .Although we will probably remain a donor county, our delegation will fight for every penny.

Representative Emily Slosberg told us she sponsored a bill to make texting while driving a primary offense. Her bill passed through the first committee. Florida is one of the only States where texting while driving is a secondary offense which means a driver cannot be pulled over just for texting while driving. He must be pulled over for another offense and then charged for the texting.

The first featured speaker was Anne Gannon, she is responsible for the collection and disbursement of over three billion dollars of tax revenues. The Florida State Constitution established the Tax Collector’s Office in 1885. It was created as an independent agency, free from influence by board or state agencies that have the power to levy taxes. The Tax Collector’s Office issues driver’s licenses, ID cards, motor vehicle registrations, hunting and fishing licenses, Sun Passes, Florida birth certificates and disabled parking permits. The new driver’s licenses, which will soon be available to drivers whose current license expires, will be the most secure in the country. It will also have a more prominent veteran’s area. The Tax Collector also collects real estate property tax, local business tax, tourist development tax and other taxes. Tourist development tax is due from anyone who rents out a room or house for less than six months. When paying your real estate tax, be certain not to staple or paper clip your check or write on the coupon. These acts will kick your payment out of the machine processing line and place it into hand processing which takes more time. There is a 4% discount for paying your tax in November, 3% discount for paying in December, 2% for January and 1% for February. Taxes are delinquent if not paid by April 1.

The next featured speaker was Nick Uhren, Executive Director of the Palm Beach County Metropolitan Planning Organization. He explained that the mission of the Metropolitan Planning Organization is to collaboratively plan, prioritize and fund transportation. Their vision is to create a safe, efficient, multimodal transportation system. Their focus is on street use by pedestrians, bicycles, public transportation, commercial vehicles and private vehicles. They monitor traffic and development activity such as new homes, schools and shopping areas. Among the programs that have been studied and approved is a widening of Atlantic Ave from State Road 7 to Lyons Road. Construction should begin in 2022. Widening of Atlantic from Lyons to Jog will see project development in 2019 or 2020 with full funding in 2022. Construction should follow. Lyons Road will eventually be widened from Atlantic to Clint Moore and intersection improvement will be done at Jog Road and Linton Blvd.

The next meeting of the Delray Alliance will be Wednesday, December 6. The topics will be “Board Defamation, How to Protect Your Association”, presented by Joshua Gerstin Esq,  and “Problem Solving Day concerning the Internal Revenue Service” presented in cooperation with Congresswoman Lois Frankel’s Office. Doors open at 9:00 AM when refreshments are served and the meetings begin at 9:30 AM. The public is invited and welcome.

 Stan Goodman – Vice President and Acting Recording Secretary