Meeting Summary for January 4, 2017

Meeting Summary for January 4, 2017 by Executive Vice President Lori Vinikoor

The January 4, 2017 Alliance of Delray Residential Associations meeting was live streamed to the Alliance YouTube channel and can be viewed on the Alliance website at   President Bob Schulbaum opened the meeting and following the pledge of allegiance and announcement of guests, Captain DiBerardino, Commander of District 4 PBSO provided a report. Violent crimes are way down in the area. There was a 50% decrease in robberies for last year. The trend is however, that vehicle thefts are up; even in gated communities. Key fobs/keyless entry remotes are left in the car, thieves “push the button” and drive away with the vehicle. Regarding residential burglaries, Captain Deberardino suggests that you have a safe in the house that is bolted down and that you place valuables inside the safe and lock it. He also noted that the Alliance circulated District 4’s contact information in its newsletter. That information is also included with this meeting summary.

State Attorney Dave Aronberg discussed the sober home issue and indicated that here is a fight against heroin and other addictive substances and Delray Beach has 800 sober homes operating.   There is legislation that is being drafted and the public’s input, especially community activists such as the Alliance Membership, is important. The Alliance’s February 1, 2017 meeting will focus on Mental Health and include a panel discussion on Sober Homes and Human Trafficking. State Attorney Aronberg will be speaking during the panel discussion.

Alliance Breakfast Sponsor CK Security, specializing in alarms, door hardware, keys, lock changes, safes, and security cameras made a presentation. Its website: Phone: 561-513-4257.

Executive Vice President Lori Vinikoor announced that the Wellness Screening Expo which is presented by the Alliance and Delray Medical Center will be held on Friday February 3, 2017 at the South County Civic Center from 8 AM to 12 PM. For the Heart Health Screening blood work, an appointment and fasting is necessary. The phone number to call is 1-800-897-9789.

The Alliance and Gerstin & Associates are presenting Condominium and Board Certification Classes on Thursday March 30, 3017 at the South County Civic Center. To register for either the 10:30 or the 12:30 class, contact Exec. V.P. Lori Vinikoor at 561-715-1530 or .

Also, the Alliance has adopted Orchard View Elementary School and has organized a Stamp Club with some of the students. The Alliance is accepting stamp collection donations. See Vice President Norma Arnold regarding donations or call the Alliance at 561-495-9670.

The featured speaker was Joshua Gerstin, Esq. who spoke on Emotional Support Animals, Service Animals, Board e mails, transparency and “sunshine” facts. The entire presentation appears on the Alliance’s YouTube station and the Alliance website. Mr. Gerstin began by speaking on Medically Necessary Pets. He provided some background where he mentioned internet sites with sample doctor’s notes, advertisements for harnesses and collar tags advertising that the pet is medically necessary and indicated that Federal and State agencies and courts heavily favor the pet owners in these situations. He discussed several aspects of the legal landscape including the Fair Housing Act of 1988 which prohibits discrimination on the basis of a “handicap” which has a broad definition. The differentiation between Service versus Emotional Support animals was made and he explained the verification and regulation process for service animals and support animals in the community. The audience was briefed on how to handle e mails and the e mail law contained in Fl. St. 718.112(2)(b)(5)(c) while working on a Board of Directors and e mail “Do’s and Don’ts.” Enforcement of community documents was the third portion of the meeting. Mr. Gerstin then responded to many questions from community leaders in the Civic Center’s auditorium which was completely filled with a standing-room-only crowd.

The next meeting of the Alliance will be held on February 1, 2017. The program will include a panel discussion on Mental Health issues creating a social crisis including Sober Homes and Human Trafficking.

Submitted by Lori Vinikoor, as Executive Vice President