Everything is Changing! Joshua Gerstin, Esq. webinar on COVIC and 2022 Legislation:

Alliance Covid and LEG for 2022

PBC Parks and Recreation Flyer-Your Health Is Your Wealth-Your health is your wealth flyer-final

PBC Parks And Recreation Flyer-Functional Fitness Flyer

Joshua Gerstin January 6, 2021:  The Top 10 Most Pressing Issues for Community Associations in the New Year”-The Top 10 Most Pressing Issues

Palm Beach Transportation Panning Agency News and Announcements-PalmBeachTPA

PBC Operations November 30, 2020 Update-Palm Beach County Operations Coronavirus Update

PBC Legislative Delegation Presenter Form-The Legislative Delegation Presenter Form

PBC Legislative Delegation News & Updates-PBC Legislative Delegation Update

PBC October 29, 2020 Press Release-Palm Beach County Operations Coronavirus Update

Delray Beach City Flyer-109th Birthday-Delray Beach B’day Flyer

FDOT October 2, 2020 Release-100220 Weekly Advisory South FL

Daggerwing October Newsletter-Daggerwing

Attorney Gerstein Community Info-Safely Reopening Common Areas

FDOT Construction Alert Announcement-Construction Alert – Full Closure of Lantana Road

Sept 25th As Women as Leaders Panel Discussion-As women as leaders pt4

Dept of Health PBC 8/13/20 Notification-DOH-PALM BEACH MOSQUITO-BORNE ILLNESS ALERT Release Final – 8-13-20

PBC BCC 8/11/20 News-8-11-20 NewsService

State of Fla Joint Information on Covid-19 7-29 Release-July 29 Release Re Testing

PBC Legislative Affairs Circulation: FDACS 7/27/20 Release-FDACS 7-27 rELEASE

PBC Legislative Affairs Circulation-FDACS July 17 Release

Palm Beach Post Article Re: West Atlantic Ave Widening-PB Post Article

Palm Beach Post July 17, 2020 Article-McDonald’s Get Push Back From West Delray Residents-2020-07-17 09-06

Attorney Gerstin Community Information Emotional Support Animal New Law: Emotional Support Animal New Law

State of Florida June 26, 2020 News Release-State of FL RELEASE June 26

FEMA’s 2020 Hurricane Pandemic Plan document-2020_Hurricane_Pandemic_Plan

PBC Legislative Affairs Notice- School District Town Halls Schedule-PBC School Dist Town Hall Schedule

PBC Water Utilities Dept June 2020 Notice-PBC Water Utilities Notice

School District of PBC Notice June 24th Virtual Town Hall-Lantana Delray Boynton Beach Virtual Town Hall_ Reopening of school fy21

Gerstein Community Information Re: 2020 Hurricane Season Definitive Checklist-2020 Hurricane Season Definitive Checklist and Guide for Florida’s Community Associations

State of Fla Joint info Center June 12, 2020 Release-FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE June 12

FDIC Tips on Ways to Protect Your Personal Info and Money-2020-06-17 12-34

Fla Health Joint Information Ctr Jun 4, 2020 ReleaseFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE June 4

PBC Legislative Affairs June 4, 2020 Circulation-CARES Act (3)

PB Post June 6, 2020 Article-PB Post 6-6 Article

PBC Legislative Affairs June 5, 2020 June 5, 2020 Circulation-PBC School Dist Reopening Parent Survey

U.S. Department of Homeland Security-ESF15_DailyBriefingPoints_20200527_RegionalSupplemental_FINAL

U.S. Department of Homeland Security-NATIONAL_COVID-19_By_the_Numbers_5.27.20

U.S. Department of Homeland Security-ESF15_DailyBriefingPoints_20200527_FINAL

PBC Legislative Affairs-May 28, 2020 Federal Advocacy Report for PBC-Palm Beach County. TRP Report May 2020

PBC Legislative Affairs Distribution Re: Federal Update: Today In CongressToday in Congress

PBC Legislative Affairs Distribution-covid-state-local-government-fact-sheet-hospital-alternate-care-sites

PBC Office of Resilience May 2020 Newsletter-PBC OFFICE OF RESILIENCE Newsletter

City of Delray Beach May 1, 2020 Newsletter-Delray Beach COVID Newsletter

Gerstin Letter To Open or Not to Open, that is the Coronavirus Question-Gerstin & AssocIs it Time to Dip a Toe into the Community Pool

Gerstin & Associates April 29 Letter-To Open or Not to Open

Symptoms of COVID-19:   symptoms_fl

10 ways to manage respiratory symptoms at home: 10_things_cdc_flhealth

Best Practices for Social Distancing:  best_practices_for_social_distancing_at_your_business

Preventing COVID-19 in Assisted Living Facilities:  asst_living_facilities_prevent_covid_19

If you have been in close contact with someone with COVID-19:  if_you_have_been_in_close_contact_with_someone_who_has_covid_19

If you have been told you have COVID-19:  if_you_have_been_told_you_have_covid_19

Protecting yourself in crowds:  protect_yourself_gatherings_crowds

Social Distancing for COVID-19:  social_distancing

Protect yourself when someone at home has COVID-19:  protect_yourself_when_someone_at_home_as_covid_19

COVID-19 Protection, Planning & Care for Older Adults:  protection_planning_care_older_adults

Facts about the 2020 Census:  Frequently Asked Questions About the 2020 Census

2020 Census Operational Update:  Census Bureau Update on 2020 Census Field Operations

PBC April 8, 2020 Order, Action & Announcements-Palm Beach County Operations Coronavirus Update

Homemade Matzo Recipe:   Homemade Matzo


Local Senior Shopping Hours-senior shopping hours

How to Create a Cloth Surgical Mask:How to Make a Cloth Surgical Mask

Disclosing the Names of Infected Members in Associations:Disclosure of Coronavirus in Florida Gerstin


Emergency Powers: Coronavirus

Alliance Attorney’s Information on Emergency Procedures: Coronavirus Emergency Powers

PBC Legislative Delegation 2020 Week Two Legislative-03.12.20 Week Seven

PBC Legislative Delegation 2020 Week One Legislative Update-Week One Session Update

PBC Legislative Delegation Week One (1/14-1/17) Recap-Delegation Newsletter Session week 1

PBC Water Utilities Dept January 7, 2020 News Release-PBC Water Department January 2020 News Release

Joshua Gerstein January 8, 2020 Presentation-2020 Case Law and Legislative Update

Neighbors APP Fact Sheet  Neighbors Fact Sheet_Final

Free Movie Nov 11, 2019 In honor of Veterans DayMan in Red Bandana (Nov.11)

Community Event Flyer-Dental Grand Opening Flyer 2 OUTLINED FOR PRINT

American Cancer Society Flyer-Road To Recovery Volunteer Recruitment Flyer – Community

National Association of Attorneys General August 5, 2019-Final-Letter-Federal-Barriers-to-Treatment-1 copy

Pet Safety Sticker Distribution Program-PBCFR Pet Safety Sticker Program

Florida 2019 Condominium & Homeowner Legislative Update-2019 Florida Community Association Legislative Changes

PBC ERM May and June 2019 Projects Update-Read the monthly update on projects underway to protect

PBC Consumer Affairs Division Brochure-Protect your money

PBC Consumer Affairs Division Brochure-Home Caregivers Need ID Badge

PBC Water Utilities Dept April 30, 2019 News Release-April 30, 2019 – FWEA Award

Avoiding parking Lot Scams This is a Scam